Supporting leaders who can shape the course of the 21st century

Our mission

The THNK Foundation launched in 2020 with one central goal: to raise funds so creative leaders who can shape the course of the 21st century can be supported in their leadership and scale their impact. The Foundation achieves this principally through a scholarship program for leaders to participate in the flagship Executive Leadership Program of THNK School of Creative Leadership and custom-designed THNK programs for those leaders who can have an outsized impact but who cannot afford to participate.

THNK’s leadership approach is unique and has been described by Forbes as the “leadership approach to disrupt thinking, then business” and by Stanford as the “future of higher education.” In a short period of time, THNK has become a world leader in providing and empowering purpose-driven leaders with the mindsets, tools, and skills to change the world. The THNK model is simple and deep, and our programs focus on learning by doing.

THNK’s approach helps leaders upgrade their internal operating model and go beyond current thought systems to envision new solutions to global challenges as defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Participants work together on business concepts, open innovation projects, and leadership challenges to discover new avenues of perspective and potential, inspiring positive change for people and the planet.

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Our values

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