To build a more

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Future for all

We need a critical mass of creative leaders to create solutions that match the challenges we are facing as humanity. Too many leaders in the geographies and sectors that shape the fate of the 21st century are excluded from leadership support.

The purpose of THNK Foundation is to address this inequality. The THNK Foundation’s grants and scholarships will help these leaders scale their impact and amplify their reach, to build a more just and fair future for all.

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A letter regarding COVID-19

We understand that the global pandemic we are collectively experiencing is a game-changer after which the world will no longer be the same. We believe that if we act with compassion, courage, and resolve, we can thrive – individually and collectively strengthening our vision in the midst of COVID-19 and in a post-pandemic world.

We also know that the societal challenges faced before the crisis will only be amplified post-crisis. Evidence and our practical experience show that when you invest in developing the mindset and operating model of a leader, they have an outsized impact on the people and world around them. This makes it more important than ever to bring THNK’s programs to leaders who are making change happen.

Social innovators, especially those from developing countries, will face even greater obstacles to participate in THNK's programs. It is vital that we support those leaders who can make a major difference in tackling the world’s most pressing challenges and ensure that the financial barriers to leadership development are removed.

Femke Bartels, Chairperson, THNK Foundation